FusionHub 8.0.1 unstable

this is my first time setting up FusionHub and speed fusion. it’s work great but I need to reboot it 3 time in 3 day. at some how all peer are disconnect and can’t be reconnect until I reboot FH. at that time I still can access to FH web control panel and nothing look wrong except link disconnected. Please advice how can I debug this.

In the usual ways:

  1. Upgrade firmware to latest version (8.1.0)
  2. When the issue occurs check the normal stuff - can you access the Web UI of the Fusionhub, can you ping its IP address etc.
  3. If nothing obvious get a diagnostic file from the Fusionhub and one of the remote sites and log a ticket.

I have update both FH to 8.1.0 per your advice. till now it’s work great. and tell my team to download diagnostic log before reboot it in the future.

Thanks @MartinLangmaid

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This time FH stable for 2 days. I did try to login vis web interface. it’s response but can’t login. I try to touch it by console. the console work properly but can’t find anyway to get report. I will open another ticket for this.

Ticket: 20090555