Fusion Hub vs InControl 2


Hello Guys,

Can you share a picture or document that explains in details the Fusion hun, Speed Fusion environment,

My main question if that if I have Fusion Hub cloud that connects my peplink devices together, than InControl 2 if the management software of that? Or it’s totally different concept?

Can I link several peplink devices together without this fusion hub and use https://incontrol2.peplink.com/



InControl2 (IC2) is a Cloud-based Device Management Platform. It allows for the management and monitoring of Peplink and Pepwave devices. It also allows for reporting in one central location. You can use IC2 to manage PepVPN/SpeedFusion profiles.

FusionHub is a virtual SpeedFusion appliance.

This depends on what models of Peplink/Pepwave routers and the number of routers that you’re using. The number of supported profiles for each unit can be found here; Peplink, Pepwave.

I would recommend working with a partner to evaluate your needs and to find a solution that will work for your deployment. You can find a list of our Peplink Certified Partners on our site.