Fusion Hub speeds

With the speedfusion limit removed does anyone have any information on what hardware requirements are needed to get the maximum thoughput for the pepvpn?

Does anyone from Peplink have a document regarding this issue? We are installing into the Azure enviroment and we are wanting to verify the size of machnies required to get the highest speeds. In our current testing we have only been seeing speeds of 25mb up and down on links that are 150x150 or more.

What is your target maximum throughput? How many remote devices?

Is it a flat 25Mbps? How are you testing? You should first verify raw bandwidth between the remote device and your Fusionhub using the WAN Analysis tool, then you can run a speedfusion bandwidth test and compare.

I ave two Fusionhubs hosted in Vultr.com both with 1cpu and 1Gb ram. They have 5Gbps links between them on their shared local network:

but SpeedFusion bandwidth between the Fusionhubs tops out at 445Mbps.


That was great info and is helping me in figuring all this out!

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@MartinLangmaid After setting up a fh solo at both vultr and azure I was able to get a better picture of things. I have figured out the issue just not sure how to resolve it. We have a local provider and spectrum in 2 locations. On the wan testing using both vultr and azure for both up and down and tcp and udp we get excatly 25x25 on the spectrum. However on the other provider one location is 300x150 and the other 150x75 but on the tcp up and down we only get around 25 but with udp we get the full speed of the circuits. Do you have any idea what I need to discuss with the ISP?

We’d need to see the SpeedFusion Graphs during the tests to guess at why TCP traffic is not going as well as UDP.

Heading out on vacation for a couple of weeks but will tackle this when I return. Thanks again for your help.