Fusion Hub speed issues

Wondering if anyone has any ideas. Just tried out Fusion Hub last night. I have a Balance One at the office with Comcast 1Gbps download and 40Mbps upload. Lately through the Balance One I’m getting around a 350Mbps download. It used to be over 600Mbps but that’s for another discussion. There is also a secondary DSL connection here with 25Mbps download and around 5Mbps upload. I have a hosted server I setup a Windows Hyper-V with the Fusion Hub. It’s on a 1Gbps connection for both upload and download in a hosted center. I connected my office Balance One and the Fusion Hub together. I signed up for the trial of Speedfusion on both devices. I set the Balance One to route all traffic through the Fusion Hub connection. I assume that’s the correct way to make the entire connection unbreakable and always have the same IP address. When doing so I’m only getting around 50Mbps download speeds at the office. Upload speeds seem to be around the normal 40Mbps so no real issues there. Normally as I said I get around 350Mbps when the connection isn’t forced to go through the remote connection. The remote server also gets near 1Gbps with no issues on uploads and downloads through the main machine the Hyper-V is setup on. Any ideas why there would be such a limitation? I didn’t see anything about speed limitations in the trial. I even tried to up the amount of RAM on the virtual machine to 8BG with no change. The main server has 32GB.

Wanted to add on to this. Even if I only have my 1Gb Comcast connection enabled on the link and all traffic forwarded to the remote Fusionhub I’m only getting 50-60Mbps. This makes no sense to me.

As another test I have a Balance 30 at home with a Comcast connection that normally gets around 95Mbps on download. If I connect that router via PepVPN to the same Fusionhub I get only about 25Mbps when all traffic is forwarded. This Balance 30 doesn’t have trial of Speedfusion on, it’s just regular PepVPN. Does that matter? If I connect a device to the Fusionhub with a L2TP VPN connection and all traffic forwarded I’m getting over 80Mbps which would be expected. Why does PepVPN and Speedfusion seem to cause such a slow down?


If you run WAN analysis (set Fusionhub as server and you r balance as the client) what is the point to point bandwidth availability according to that test?

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That was a lot closer to what I would expect. I got over 200Mbps. My Balance One seems to be limiting normal traffic to around 350Mbps for some reason these days. It seems after some research the limits I’m seeing with Speedfusion are with the router hardware? I read that Fusionhub no longer had any bandwidth limits so I took that as no limits. Then the more I read it says the Balance one has a limit of 50Mbps on Speedfusion. Is this correct? The information is somewhat confusing. One end says no speed limits but then the hardware end still does have a limit? Is this what I’m running in to?


Balance One is only rated as 30Mbps for PepVPN Throughput (256-bit AES) and 60Mbps PepVPN Throughput (No Encryption) . Detail info please refer to the product page below:

If i get you correctly, you are getting the performance closer to the rated PepVPN throughput value. I suppose that should be acceptable .

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