Fusion Hub improvments - feature request

Hello Peplink Guru’s

After a quick chat with support team, it appears what I want to acheive is not yet implemented into the current version of Fusion Hub.

I wish to assign a single public IP to the outgoing of each of my Speedfusion peers. As a provider, I can assign multiple public IP to my Fusion Hub infrasctucture but, for now, I cannot “assign” a public IP to the outgoing traffic of each of my speedfusion peers.

Another great idea for this Fusion Hub approach should be the fact it can support Layer 2 Speedfusion.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Olivier,

This is on our roadmap. Target to support this in v6.4.0 tentatively.

Cant wait for this!
Any time frame for 6.4.0?
Thank You!

We yet to have the timeline now. This is depending on the feedback and progress of v6.3.2. Stay tuned! :wink:

We are still running 6.2.2 and would love an update - our instance has been running stable for 242 days now!
Only issues are DPI is not working in IC2 (worked when the feature was released for a few weeks but hasn’t since) and would love to see port forwarding included as standard.
Public IP address assigned to end devices will be amazing and can’t wait to try it.
Please let me know when it will be possible to test this.
Thank You

Please use the Feedback tool in IC2 to pinpoint what exactly the problem is for DPI report. IC2 team will feedback on this.

For Port Forwarding on FusionHub, it will be available in the coming GA realease. :slight_smile: