Fusion Hub HA

Dear, what it takes to get in the HA fusion Hub? I need to install two Fusion Hub in a cluster of VmWare ? If yes, I need to buy two license or there is a cluster license ?


Hi Antonio,

HA for FusionHub is not needed since the VMWare having V-Motion.


Hi TK,
Is it possible to add HA feature for FusionHub.
Because, FusionHub can be deployed on a dedicated Server ( for example FusionHub installed on ESxi host on Dell server). It means, Customer will see a HW appliance. Thats why we need HA function for FusionHub. It will be nice to present solution for PoC or Demo.

@aytan34, since the hypervisor ESXi, may I know the reason for not using the V-Motion?

Hi TK,
Some EndUsers dont want to use or dont allow to use own Hypervisor environment. Sometimes We have not enough high level HW appliance for Demo or PoC. But We have a lot of Servers. So We can easily create a Peplink HW appliance with FusionHub. For example I need four 2500 series ( two appliance with HA for each End points) for a PoC. I have not four 2500 series. But I have 4 Dell servers. By the way, all software features on the hardware are also available in the Virtual version for other SD-WAN Competitors such as SilverPeak.


I think there are some miss understanding for FusionHub feature. FusionHub is just a VPN Concentrator and not the virtual appliance. Suppose V-Motion is best used for FusionHub fail-over and we support disaster recovery fail-over if you have Active-Active FusiobHub devices.