Fusion hub and MAX HD 4 located insite coperate networks

Hi i have a small problem and can’t find any posts about it.

On the office we have the Fusion Hub and right now all trafic is forwarded to it throug the firewall and switches. just to shutdown some of the unused ports i need to know what ports this fusion hub needs open to fucktion.

On a SiteOffice we have an HD4 right now only with connection throug LAN and it cant connect to the fusion hub sins it do not get replays. i cant forward all here sins they have other Network equitment that need access directly from the outside. So what ports do the HD4 need to have forwarded to Work and connect to the fusion hub.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Hi Nick,

Tcp 32015 and Udp 4500. Below is the communication direction. Ensure these 2 ports are not block between HD4 and FusionHub.

HD4 —Tcp 32015 and Udp 4500—> FusionHub

Thanks that is working :o)