Functionality Comparisons: Peplink vs. Cradlepoint vs. Viprinet


Has any one completed any analysis of the pros and cons of the three vendors above? Or feel free to bring in other manufacturers!

Or if anyone has got any views on the main features of one versus the other in a less formal way I’d be happy to hear those opinions too!

Also Cradlepoint ECM vs IC2 views appreciated.


Cradlepoint definitely seems to get newer wireless tech out sooner, they have had AC wireless since 2014 and CAT 6 LTE-A modems since April 2016.

Cradlepoint does upgradeable modems on some routers.

Their web UI seem more “modern”.

They also allow published pricing on all equipment rather than “call for quote” on anything above the BR1.

Like my Pepwave, just some of things I noticed when comparing.

Edit: Also Cradlepoint doesn’t have a forum, big minus :slight_smile:


I have Peplink and Virpinet in use and just can tell you that the new Licising Programm from Viprinet is “Pain in the Ass”.
The Virpinet Webinterface is also not the best what you can get in my Eyes. Very Bad Documentation of the Features. You have Millions Point hidden and not clear structured in the Menu of the Device. If you want to understand what´s going on or where you can “tune” something als Administrator you need to contact the Support to understand whats going on.

In compare to Peplink i just can say now, that i have more this “Controlles Feeling” as Administrator because i easily understand the Peplink Product and his Webinterface / Settings.

Are you looking for a technial Compare?


r00t27, Thanks for the response, if you have any technical comparisons then this would be excellent too.