Full Netflow support


I really like the new Netflow-feature in 8.1, but it is not very configurable.

Can you please add parameters for:

  • Active Flow Timeout
  • Inactive Flow Timeout
  • Monitored Interfaces
  • Multiple Destinations

Thank you and best wishes

Thanks for trying out Netflow. We will try to incorporate your suggestion and make Netflow more configurable in the upcoming firmware release.


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The active / inactive timeout in particular is an important setting to be able to modify. Specifically, the active timeout can impact the accuracy of reporting of NetFlow in any tool. It appears that the current setting, which I don’t see a way to modify, is 30 minutes. This means that for a long file transfer, an update will only be sent to the NetFlow collector once every 30 minutes. This can make it look like all the data that was transferred over 30 minutes actually transferred in one minute when viewing the reporting. A 1 minute active timeout is required for many NetFlow tools, even SolarWinds, to accurately trend out traffic volumes across time.

Thanks for your input. We have already incorporated your suggestion into our latest release.
Netflow will have 3 additional configuration options.

  • Active flow timeout (Choose from 1- 60 minutes, default is 30 minutes)

  • Inactive flow timeout (Choose from 10-600 seconds, default being 15 seconds)

  • An additional netflow collector can be configured.

Please let us know if the settings will suffice.

Great to hear, these features should fix my top issues with the implementation.