Ftp configuration for balance 580 model

How to setup ftp server on peplink balance 580 and ftp clent on max mobile router

Our products do not offer a built-in FTP server or client, this is something you would have to install on a separate internal machine. The FTP client would exist on the actual device that is connected to the MAX router, not the MAX router itself.

we have 3static ip.we want to connect our ftp server via peplink balance 580 model for access ftp client from another end.The ftp client side we have configure peplink max mobile router connected with ftp client.I need what are the configuration to access our ftp server machine.We need configuration instruction for both peplink device to to send and receive data via ftp server

Please refer to the following KB article from our website:

this is emergengy when i configure peplink 580 model i configure drop in mode setting for wan1 with natted local ip
unfortunately the power was gone.now when i connect the device with it is not detect the web page then how do i delete that configuration through hardware device or web page


I configured peplink 580 to one of my client for ftp access from outside.They have given me ip as NAT ed ip: have configure this one through drop in mode method for wan1.Now i have to connect this device to peplink max mobile router.That was configured with 2 dongle i have configured this 580 static ip in speed fusion with 580 remote id.But the sppedfusion signal is showing starting not connected to 580 model.please rectify

Hi Karthikncs,

Can you provide a graphical diagram with IP addresses which include B580, Max router and related devices for better understanding?

Thank you.

I have attched my network diagram with this message for oyur knowledge.Please help us for this issue


  1. The firewall is in between B580 and FTP server or as the drawing? Normally it should in between B580 and FTP server.

  2. WAN1 of B580 is running Drop-in? If yes LAN and WAN1 should sharing same IP. Not sure why B580 will having local IP 10.x.x.6. Please confirm.

  3. What is the IP for FTP server (IP configured in server NIC)?

  4. SpeedFusion is established between B580 and MOTG?

  5. Client accesses FTP server via SpeedFusion tunnel?

1)The firewall is not in between B580 and FTP server.The firewall is directly connected from Internet Modem.After Firewall The B580 device and FTP server has connected

2)Yes.B580 Device is running in drop in mode.B580 Device has connected with Firewall using wan 1 port.The Firewall push the IP address as NATed IP to B580 device.

The firewall Public IP :60.x.x.203
B580 Device Public IP:60.x.x.206 NATed as Local IP 10.x.x.6

3.)FTP server Local IP:10.x.x.100
4.)Yes Speed fusion has established in both the device b580 & MAX OTG
5.)Yes we have configured FTP client should access FTP server via speedfusion tunnel or is there any other way for client access the FTP server instead of speedfusion tunnel


Thanks for the clarification, I have hide some sensitive info on the posts above. If this is the preferred design, please perform steps below:-

  1. Enable Port Forwarding for TCP 32015 and UDP 4500 on firewall. Please ignore this if this is done.

  2. Ensure no blocking for ports TCP 32015 and UDP 4500 for inbound and outbound on firewall.

  3. Ensure firewall LAN IP is default gateway for FTP server (Believe firewall LAN IP is 10.x.x.x).

  4. Please refer here to configure SpeedFusion on B580 and MOTGs.

Hope this help.

Hi TL Liew,

        Thanks for your valuable information we hope it will be work for us.While we configure this device in our client place for assistance can you come up through remote.We are looking for your help on this issue.

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You may open ticket if you encounter problem.


    As per your instruction for ftp we have configured the device in both end.It has been working fine.But we are facing another one issue on max otg device.When we insert new dongle from vodafone and airtel it is not not detected and also connected to device.What is the problem it may be.Please given any suggestion on this issue.


Glad to hear that.

For the dongle issue, please ensure MOTG has latest firmware installed. If you still facing problem on latest firmware version, please open ticket for us to check further.

You may also check whether your dongle was listed in our supported modem list.