Frequent WAN UP / DOWN

Hi Out there, i am watching the WAN Reports at a venue and i am wondering why it frequently goes Down and UP again. It is a “AVM Fritz Box Router” in a city hall´s office. And has anyone an idea what could be the reason?
Thank you much. Fabian

What are you using for Health Check? Id suggest trying different primary/secondary IP addresses.

Hi Erick, thanks for your reply. I use the standard “DNS Lookup” and in the advanded - speedfusion tab it is set to to “extreme” link failure detection.

Which primary or secondary adress do you mean? Thank you much :+1:

I am not familiar with SpeedFusion but it is likely that the Internet connection is fine and the Health Checking is too aggressive. Also, try different DNS servers or opt to include public DNS servers.

I will try this. Thank you Michael.

@fabian My suggestion was to uncheck the box “use first two DNS servers” and to define another set of IP’s for Host 1/Host 2… such as: &

Depending on the nature of what that connection is (who knows what random IP’s your provider is assigning via DHCP), the provided DNS servers might be undesirable for performing “health check”… they themselves could be unreliable or shunning connections… Using something else which you are confident is more reliable and unchecking that box could provide better results. Or at the very least, more predictable results.