Frequent DNS Failures w/ Visible Wireless

Good morning, everyone.

I’ve searched through the forums and have seen several people post issue with DNS failures… I’m having relatively frequent (once per hour-ish) DNS failures, and I’ve tried a few things, but they continue. Here’s my pertinent information:

Pepwave MAX Transit Pro E (duo)
8.2.0s027 build 5325
Visible Wireless SIM
APN: vsblinternet

I’ve tried changing the DNS to Google ( and, obtaining automatically, etc.

I have full signal and my current band info is:

LTE Band 5 (850 MHz)
RSSI: -65dBm SINR: 12.6dB RSRP: -94dBm RSRQ: -14.0dB

This happens regardless of which health check method I have selected, including disabled. Thank you in advance!

Can you please elaborate how you know its a DNS failure?

I get browser errors referring to DNS probe failures, etc… I also have this, after I’ve changed the health check to DNS lookup:

switch from DNS health check to a different type and see what happens. you might be losing connectivity and it might not have anything to do with dns.

Is there any way to capture that? Also, if that’s the case, I wonder why I would be losing connectivity? I’m stationary and the signal maintains the same levels.

Also, here’s the result when switching to Ping test.

could be many reasons. everything from an issue with your device, bad signal, interference, issue at cell tower, etc. post up your signal details. are you on latest modem firmware (not peplink but modem). do you see any more detailed logging in IC2? if you disable health checks and run tests outside of the peplink, are you seeing connectivity actually drop?

Signal details are in the first post. How do I see the modem specific firmware? What kind of tests do you recommend to run outside of peplink?

For a more nerdie look at things (including the modem firmware version) go to the support.cgi page. Replace

There you’ll find a line for “Cellular module firmware update”



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Yes, I’m on the current firmware. Please advise on what kind of tests to run outside of Peplink. Thank you.

This is conjecture (I don’t have experience with the Transit Pro E Duo):

I understand your issue to be only when connecting with Visible, that the carrier you employ for the other radio connects and stays connected.

A few things to try (and you probably have done them already, so bear with me :slight_smile: ):

  • For each of the two radios, connect with Visible. Problem persists?
  • Disable Band 5 (to force connections via other bands), in case Band 5 is congested or otherwise unreliable in your area.
  • For each of the two radios, connect with the other carrier. Problem manifests?

If the Visible problem is radio-independent and the problem does not manifest for the other carrier then it seems likely that the problem is with Visible and not with the device.

If it is with Visible then you may simply be out of luck. Visible subscriptions are for phones only. Though they have been known to work (and work well) in routers, such deployment is outside the scope of what Visible is selling.

Additionally, Visible connections have proven themselves to be very dependent on the local Verizon infrastructure and network traffic environment. Routers with Visible cards have been known to work very well in non-congested areas (I have seen them work almost as well, though not quite as reliably, as Verizon lines in rural areas), but the same equipment and SIM card have been close to unusable in other areas (e.g., in congested metropolitan areas).

This may not be very helpful, I admit.

Good luck,