Frequencies added into routers for each band

Hello Peplink Team,
We are happy to be seeing the ever-increasing range in the Pepwave MAX for the available frequencies, such as the new Cat18 models. Here is what we see when selecting “Custom…” in the band selection.

When we look at the 3G bands (bottom of the image), we see the frequency of the Band listed.
Can Peplink in the next firmware release also an add-in for the LTE Bands the frequency also, it would be a lot quicker and convenient for many than having to refer to other sources, for example here a reference from Wikipedia

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


It would also be very nice to select the main/sub bands for LTE-A(+) models in this same screen.

Our experience is that the main band is used for Upload traffic, say you have B3+B1, which is selected as B3 has a stronger signal. The Upload will go through B3. Sometimes there are locations where B3 is overloaded and B1 is more stable, only solution now is to disable B3 to be able to use B1 for upload. We only have the CAT6 versions at this time, but with the CAT12 (3CA) and CAT18 (5CA) models this will be even more important.

Upstream CA is not implemented in the Dutch networks, so they are no use to us yet.