Free dynamic DNS service offered by Peplink

Asus routers (like the RT-N56U) include a free dynamic dns service (DDNS) that is offered by Asus in the domain.

The advantage of this free offering is that no website needs to be visited to create an account. All DDNS configuration is done directly from the router its DDNS configuration page:

Key in the name ] Query ]]

Query ]] returns:

  • The domain name ‘’ is registered.
  • Registration is successful.

A “User Name or E-mail Address:” is pre-filled and read-only,
as well as a “Password or DDNS Key:”.

The latter is not an ideal invention, as this shares the account details to access the router, with Asus. Account sharing is never a great security “feature”.
Creating long random values for both user name and password would be better.

The feature request:
Dear Peplink, create a free Dynamic DNS service yourselves, and integrate that Peplink DDNS service besided the other already existing DDNS services into your devices. The integration results in more easy setup and/or better customer experience/value.

Such a Dynamic DNS offering by Peplink is more appreciated than the current integrated Peplink service offering named ‘InControl’.