Fraud Detection VoIP

It would be awesome if you guys could create an algorithm within the Balance series similar to Transnexus’s NexOSS.

“NexOSS includes smart monitoring features that sense when there is an unusual spike in call traffic to a specific destination. When a suspicious spike occurs, the NexOSS system simply and automatically puts a temporary block on the route and sends SNMP and email alarms, ensuring that fraud losses are kept to an absolute minimum without interrupting legitimate calls.”

Especially being that you guys are working on MOS Scoring in the R&S phase right now. Why not go all out and go for win. Or at least create a device in your product lineup specifically for VoIP that acts a an ESBC/WAN Balancer. That would be amazing! You guys would solve a lot of clients issues with this. People love your products because of the ease of use, ability for the devices to “just work”, and the unique community on this forum that is constantly wanting to improve features, but most of all the Peplink team actually listening to their customers and actually implementing new features. I feel that developing or adding to the current lineup the MOS scoring as well as fraud detection, specifically for VoIP that you guys would reach much new heights.

I say this only because I stand by your devices and do not want to have to keep using third party software or hardware for features mentioned above. Peplink customers are loyal and would pay extra for these features. Just my 2 cents.


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