Fq_codel (or equivalent) for QoS?

Hi Support,

I’m sure you’re well aware of bufferbloat, so I’m curious to know if you plan to add something like fq_codel to your firmware, or if you deem it appropriate at all given your market focus…

FWIW, I’ve found it to be quite appealing simply because of the fact that you don’t have to delve into defining a whole bunch or classes, priorities, rules, etc. – rather you just turn it “on” and “it just works” – a concept that would seemingly fit Peplink’s ethos very well. :smiley:

Just curious to see your thoughts!


Any thoughts on this?

@invetic, the subject of bufferbloat has come up before so we added an experimental feature on the hidden support.cgi page that allows you to change each of the WAN’s interface buffer size. The default value is 2,000 packets, but you can change it to your liking.

While reducing the WAN buffer size is a workaround, it has its own issues.

So, is fq_codel going to be implemented some day?