Forwarding Whatsapp Traffic through SpeedFusion Wan Smoothing

Hi All,
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I am currently looking a way to route traffic through the secondary tunnel created which has WAN smoothing enabled.

Using SpeedFusion Cloud and I have ALL Supported VOIP Applications Enforced on that tunnel, however when I make a Whatsapp Call I can see that the service isn’t using that Tunnel, just going through the default tunnel.

Are they going to add Whatsapp into the Application Selection some time or another? Or the only way is to forward through 10 rules the ports that Whatsapp uses?

Thank you.

According to this page, it looks likely you could just add an outbound policy for the dns destination of and send it via the sub tunnel you want it to use.`

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Thank you Martin,
I will try it out and let you know.

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Hello All,
Has this methodology worked?
I look for a similar thing for whatsapp calls to avoid any connection problems.
Any feedback is welcome!
Thanks in advance for your time.