Forwarding Specific traffic through 1 Cellular


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I currenlty have an HD4 LTE-A International.
I am currenlty using a Kartina subscription (Russian Netflix to say it some way) that needs a single public IP address so it can be seen through 3 devices.
As soon I use Kartina with the HD4 it tells me that the subscription is being used elsewhere. This means that the traffic is being forwarded through the 4 SIMs.

Is there a configuration where I could say from x.x.x.x to x.x.x.x IP address needs to be forwarded through Cellular 1?

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Hi Jonathan,
This can be achieved using Outbound Policy. You can specify an Enforced policy that specifies the source IP or source network destined for destination IP or network to only use a specific SIM card. More information can be found in the Knowledgebase article below.

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I just tried it and it doesn’t work.
I am introducing the Enforced policy on an specific IP address and I can still see the aggregation between SIMs

Is there something I am missing? i followed what the FAQs says.
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Have you looked at :slight_smile:
and using the enforced policy?

In any case even if you can fix the route out the IP you get from that sim will change as most such circuits are double batted and a fixed IP sim is very expensive.


When you add an outbound policy it doesn’t always affect live in progress sessions in my experience - although all new sessions do follow the rules.

If I really need a policy to take effect on live data I’ll manually disable and re-enable the LAN ports and wifi AP, so that all session traffic is ‘new’ and so is routed correctly by the outbound policy


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I have done this and yet it won’t make the difference. Please see how I have configured to check if I have something wrong:

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Hi Jonathan
For the outbound rules, we always use the MAC address of the Kartina Players as these remain the same but IP addresses can change.
We run Kartina on many HD4s for yachts. We don’t use the Balancing rules (for IPTV) due to the reason you explaind and because it can cause a lot of buffering.
We run all the Kartina services though a SpeedFusion tunnel so that Kartina only sees one IP address (from the server end of the SpeedFusion tunnel) and then you can use all of your cellular connections. This is great if the client is watching Kartina while on the move.
Send me a message if you want to try SpeedFusion and we will set you up with a free trial.

I haven’t see the issue you mention of the enforced rules not working as you mention however sometimes they don’t work until you reboot the players. Again, please use the MAC addresses rather than the IP addresses as it’s more reliable.



I would like to do this. Could you send me a message? I am very new to the forum and I don’t know how to send messages :slight_smile:

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Message Sent


I wonder if what you are reporting is similar to this issue I raised in December … ? There appears to be an issue in outbound policy. We’ve been able to reproduce this issue on multiple Balance devices.


Hi Guys
There was a firewall behind the HD4 performing NAT so the HD4 was seeing a single IP address on the WAN of the firewall and not the individual IP addresses of the Kartina Players.


Hey guys,
The problem has been solved. GNO has been very helpful and the HD4 is running smoothly!

Thank you guys!