Forwarding all traffic from a specific IP - PEP 300


Sorry, I posted before but didn’t get the answer I needed, I tried to add to my post and couldn’t so have created a new post.

I want to allow all traffic from a colleague on a known static internet IP address through to a server on my LAN - How do i go about doing that?



I haven’t tried it (and I’m new to these products, having just got a Balance 30), but would this work?

Create 2 port forwarding rules as follows:

Enabled: Yes

Service Name: <some name>

IP Protocol: TCP

Port: Any Port

Inbound IP Addresses: All

Server IP Address: The IP Address of the server on your LAN

Make rule 2 the same as rule 1, except set IP Protocol: UDP

I reckon that will give ANYONE access to your server address on your LAN (this is assuming the default rule in your inbound firewall settings is set to allow).

So to restrict that access just to a specific public IP you’d need to change the default inbound rule to deny (this is likely to break any other inbound services you have though). Then you’d need to create an Inbound Firewall Rule with this configuration specifically to allow the access you want.

Rule Name: <some name>

Enable: Yes

WAN Connection: Any

Protocol: Any

Source IP & Port: Your colleagues IP address

Destination IP & Port: Your internal servers IP address

Action: Allow

I stress I haven’t tried this so it may not work, so please check it does exactly what you want…


There is already port forwarding in place for IAX trunks and VNC access that i would prefer not to break…



If you don’t want to break the IAX and VNC, you can add the following rules for IAX and VNC above the deny any rule

Rule Name: IAX

Enable: Yes

WAN Connection: Any

Protocol: UDP port 4569

Source IP & Port: ANY

Destination IP & Port: ANY

Action: Allow

Rule Name: VNC

Enable: Yes

WAN Connection: Any

Protocol: TCP port 5900

Source IP & Port: ANY

Destination IP & Port: ANY

Action: Allow