Forum Functionality - "Mark as Solved"

Once I upgraded to Peplink, and wanting to use the link aggregation feature on my Synology NAS, I needed a switch. Some investigation led me to Ubiquiti, another company I now recommend very highly (although it should be noted that support is carried out almost exclusively on their forum, which may not suit everyone)

Anyway, one of the things I’ve noted on their forum is the ability for the person who creates a thread regarding a problem or question they have, to then “Mark as Solved”. I believe this helps in two ways:

1 - When scanning threads in the various forums, forum members can quickly see whether anyone has come up with a solution to a problem that they share;

2 - It gives moderators the ability to keep on top of unsolved threads.

Another nice little feature is giving a ‘kudo’ when someone is helpful, which seems to generate more activity and feedback. :slight_smile:

Yes, FWIW, I totally agree. That would be particularly valuable because, unlike so many “forums,” the Peplink folks here are actually responsive. (What a concept … :cool:)

Side note: For excellent, reasonably priced, switches we have come to use the Netgear ProSafe series. Lifetime warranty, excellent features (VLAN, QOS, LAG, etc), metal (RFI resistant) cases, “semi-managed,” real support available, etc. (Our experience with Ubiquity has been highly mixed and we’re moving away from all of their products because of a total lack of support. Too many times no help was unavailable in any form whatsoever.) I should also qualify that my recommendation for Netgear switches absolutely does not extend to other products made by this manufacturer. (Ask me how the pile of junk Netgear and Cisco/Linksys products is in our back room.) :frowning:

Glad you like the idea, @Rick-DC! I just looked at vBulletin and it appears to be something that could be added, but will wait to see what the team thinks.

I did look at the Netgear ProSafe range, but was given to believe that they didn’t support 802.3ad link aggregation, which was a deal breaker for me on this occasion. However, they certainly looked good, and had great reviews. :slight_smile:

Hi. I have two 24 port, rack mount, Netgear switches, both model JGS524Ev2, in use at my present location. They have two ports LAG’d together and I can assure you LAG works as advertised. They’re configured remotely within the same subnet with the Netgear ProSafe utility. :wink: (I’m not a shill for Netgear. Actually, I am not a particular fan of the company at all. But these switches “just work” – sorta like Peplink! :cool:)

It sounds as if I took the wrong person’s advice! Fortunately, all turned out well with the Ubiquiti. Phew.