Forum coming up as blank page in Safari on MacBook Pro and iPhone

Is anyone else having an issue loading the forum on apple devices? I haven’t been able to load the forum on my iPhone or MacBook for the past week or so. I really don’t know when it started, but since I haven’t seen anyone else mention it - I thought I would check if there was a known issue before digging into all of the rabbit holes myself…

I have experienced the same issue, on MacOS as well as IOS devices. I have submitted a feedback note (from the Forum web page, using a different browser), but have not heard back.
The work-arounds:

  1. Use a different browser - firefox works well
  2. Upgrade to the latest IOS and MacOS versions.

(2) is a royal pain, and on the MacOS platform may be a major hurdle - it is not trivial to upgrade from (say) High Sierra to the latest Ventura version - all manner of breakage can occur.

Something changed with the Forum servers, and I would hope they can roll the changes back until the cause has been identified. In the meantime most IOS and Mac users will be locked out (unless they stumble on the work-arounds and find them acceptable).

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Thank you. I guess I don’t understand what “update automatically” means.

I had an update for my iPhone. It seems to be working now.

The web-site bug-fixers have fixed the problem - the forum is back to working with older versions of Safari again. I have tested it on High Sierra and IOS 15.7)