Forgot User name and password on Pepwave Max

Good morning. I’m new to this group. So, glad this is available. :smile: My husband set up our Pepwave Max a few weeks ago and can’t recall the user name or password. Fortunately, he had used the last 8 digits of the Lan Mac so we were able to get to the admin page. The unfortunate thing is “admin” “admin” doesn’t word because he must have established a user name and password. Please help.

Welcome to the community. I will plagiarize anthers post on here (searching with Google will give you results to simple questions).

If you have access to the unit, please hold the reset button for +/- 20 seconds.
This will reset the unit to factory defaults, and will reset the administrator password to the default password.

I don’t think there is any way to reset the password without performing a factory reset.
If I’m mistaken, feel free to correct me.

Thank you. You were correct!! It worked. Thank you again!