Forgot User name and password on Pepwave Max

Good morning. I’m new to this group. So, glad this is available. :smile: My husband set up our Pepwave Max a few weeks ago and can’t recall the user name or password. Fortunately, he had used the last 8 digits of the Lan Mac so we were able to get to the admin page. The unfortunate thing is “admin” “admin” doesn’t word because he must have established a user name and password. Please help.

Welcome to the community. I will plagiarize anthers post on here (searching with Google will give you results to simple questions).

If you have access to the unit, please hold the reset button for +/- 20 seconds.
This will reset the unit to factory defaults, and will reset the administrator password to the default password.

I don’t think there is any way to reset the password without performing a factory reset.
If I’m mistaken, feel free to correct me.

Thank you. You were correct!! It worked. Thank you again!

Hello, I have a PepWave Max BR1 MK2 LTEA. I bought this unit in 2018 set it up with a user name and Password and have not needed to log on until now. All my gadgets that I want to add I would simply type in the Wi-Fi password. I tried to log on with my user name and password that I wrote down when I first installed the unit but surprisingly it did not let me log on to the unit, so I created an account on InControl2 and was able to see my unit and the user name and password that was last used. The user name is correct but the password is a bunch of numbers and letters . Even with this I was not able to log on to the unit. I tried to do a factory reset but the reset button is not there it is just a hole in the back of the unit. I really need help in solving this.
Thank you,

You can (re)set the admin user name and password on the unit from IC2 in the General section of Organization > Settings > Device System Management.Turn on “Device Web Admin and CLI Management” set the credentials. Limiting the change to particular units may be achieved using tags.

If the credentials are not administered through IC2 you can also do a Remote Web Admin to the unit, and set the credentials directly.



I turned on Device Web Admin and assigned the tag, but still not able to log on. Have I missed something?