Forcing Skype to a wan connection

I’ve given Skype a “high” priority with QOS settings. Is it any way to force Skype traffic to a particular WAN?

I have a peplink 20, Goto… Network, Outbound Policy, then select Add Rule, enter in ‘Service’ Skype Access, then select the protocal for skype, under Algorithm tap, select Priority then set which one the connections you can to use skype, i’m a novice but that should help somewhat.

Thanks hoadzman. But…there is no “protocol” for Skype, and it use standard ports like 80.

The conversation part of Skype can, or will, use the port # set in its Advanced config. Each client might use a different one. In any case, you can set the Skype clients to predefined ports. Now you can add a outbound policy rule for protocol, port # to WAN x. You will need two rules: UDP and TCP. Adding an inbound port forward rule for that port will help Skype get synch’d up faster too.

Regards rossh

Yes but…with 80 users is difficult to convince everyone to set skype… Thanks anyway