Forced T-Mobile APN for any SIM, weird, yes.

Just purchased a new line for AT&T. Got home from the store, popped in the SIM, and it wouldn’t get an IP. (I had a different AT&T SIM in there before).

I looked and it’s using as the APN. I can override, but why should I have to.

Even after a factory reset, it’s still doing that.

(Max Transit Duo)

Weird, there have been multiple reports. Save diagnostics, open peplink ticket, upload diagnostics, post ticket # here. Keep us posted.

Though there has been a bit of topic drift, the thread at Peplink | Pepwave - Forum reported similar TMO v. ATT connection confusion issues recently.

It happened to us again yesterday: TMO dropped the connections across our community in Yosemite for more than a day, and when the connections started to pick up again, a BR1 and an HD2 with native TMO cards reported themselves as being with AT&T as the carrier. The BR1 was connected (i.e., traffic worked) in spite of the confusion, for the HD2 we had to play games with the LTE Band selection in order to get it back on the net.

Unfortunately, neither the BR1 nor the HD2 have T-Mobile as a carrier selection in their settings (though they do provide the now-obsolete Sprint as an option).

Redundancy once again carried the day (we pair TMO with VZW wherever possible), otherwise it would have been very painful (some of the devices are hours away from people.)



Ticket 22010291 created**.** Will keep you up to date.

My ticket was handed over to 5G store, where I purchased the device. (I have no idea why.)

They said they thought the tower might be shared by several providers and that my device was “forced” to use the wrong APN. I’m no expert, but I’ve never seen that in 10+ years of messing with cellular devices. I’m not arguing, I’ve just not seen it.

Who knows, it could be an AT&T thing.

Setting it manually works, but I suspect this would cause issues for others out there if they reboot and get the wrong APN. TIme will tell.