Force Wan aggregation

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Good day, Im trying to force an always on download aggregation whenever anyone connected to the balance is trying to download, sometimes it does work sometimes it does not, most of the time it works when im using Download manager, but most users aren’t allowed to use a download manager. Appreciate your inputs on this, I’ve enabled default of weighted balance as instructed on the link -> Speed Test Tool for Combined Download Speed in Multi-WAN Environment

With a single Peplink device (ie if you’re not using SpeedFusion VPN between a pair of devices), then you can only use session based load balancing across multiple WAN links - like the weighted balance policy you have used here.

A download manager uses multiple sessions to download a single file and these sessions are then load balanced by the Peplink which gives you wan bandwidth aggregation for that download.

Without a download manager, a single file download session will only ever use a single WAN link so will be limited to the bandwidth available on that particular WAN.

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for the heads-up i appreciate it will keep in mind that direct downloads thru browsers are limited to single wan.

By the way, as of the moment i am using 3 peplink devices, 2x Peplink Balance 380 and 1 Peplink Balance 580, all connected thru speed fusion, i was thinking maybe there was any workaround for this.

No worries. OK, so lets assume your B580 is acting as a VPN hub device (in your HQ perhaps) on a nice fast synchronous link. Maybe a 100/100Mbps (down/Up) cable/fiber connection.

In which case, you could set your remote B380s to send all their internet traffic via SpeedFusion VPN. A Lan device on the B380 would request a file download, that download would be routed down from the internet to the B580 WAN at HQ then sent back Up over the same WAN link on the B580 over SpeedFusion VPN (so you’d get WAN bandwidth aggregation) to the B380.

You’ll see why the B580 needs a fast synchronous connection as a file download is pulled down from the internet and immediately pushed up again via VPN on the B580.

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