Force one computer to use wan2


Normally everything works pretty smooth when one of our isp fails the other one takes over without problem. This morning however was not the case. Our DSL modem was “locked” up and not working properly and had to be reconfigured. Apparently it was working enough to not notify me through the peplink email or text, which is what i have been relying on when one of the connections goes down.

Is there anyway to have at least one computer always on our DSL and only DSL. That way if there is an issue it can be detected early on.

We are using a Balance 20.

Sorry if already answered, i did try looking. Thanks

Sorry, overlooked it i guess. i went back into the router and saw it. pretty easy. thanks

Hi Erich

Depending on your setup, a DNS check might also show a connection as connected, although it is actually not (if your DNS points to a local device, or to your ISP while they have an Internet Breakout problem). In these circumstances you can use ping or http checks that will indicate a failed connection better.

Can you share pics with info? i am waiting, thank you. | playgerism check