Force Incoming VPN Connection of specific device to Static IP

Looking for a way to force a VPN Connection of specific device to be assigned to pre-specified Static IP Address.

The specific device does not have capability to specify it’s IP address using IPV4’s Manual IP addressing or Manual IP with DHCP providing gateway and DNS IP addresses.

Using PepLink Balance One’s “DHCP Reservation” with the specific device’s actual MAC Address and mapping it to a Static IP address does not work.
Appears that VPN Connection creates a temporary fabricated MAC address that is not related to specific device.

Result is, the specific device is assigned one of available DHCP IP address from pool.

At Issue - Do to builtin security of several devices on LAN, the specific device (connecting via remote VPN) is rejected access, because its DHCP assigned IP address is not one of allowed Static IP addresses.

Is this an inherent issue with remote access VPN connections? In that all remote access VPN connections have temporary fabricated MAC addresses?

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