For VPN connected LANs - Different Subnets or Different IPs on same subnet

Scenario: Two LANs Call them Alpha and Beta
Connecting Alpha to Beta using two Balance One routers using builtin VPN

Alpha has Persistent IP Address assigned to WAN1, but not WAN2 which is Cellular
Beta has Persistent IP Address assigned to WAN1, WAN2 is not used
Thus, Alpha’s Balance One must make VPN connection to Beta’s Balance One, since Alpha may be running from WAN2

When it comes to ease of use and reliable usage, which is better #1 or #2:

Setup #1
Alpha and Beta having different subnets
Alpha =
Beta =

Setup #2
Alpha and Beta on same subnet, with no two devices on subnet having same IP address
Alpha & Beta =

DHCP would have to be setup to where Alpha’s Balance One assigned different pool of address for portable devices than that of Beta’s Balance One
Alpha = DHCP - 143
Beta = DHCP - 159

Any issue with Beta Balance One router being, being Alpha Balance One router is

A normal deployment would be a L3 PepVPN between the two, so definitely #1. This is the case for 95% of customers. We do support a L2 PepVPN connection if absolutely needed, but most of the time it is much better to keep the networks unique and avoid sending all the Broadcast traffic across the tunnel. hope this helps. Thanks.

Thank you.