For Sale Max 700 & Balance 210 in NZ

Greetings from the South Pacific. We are a small company & purchased these 2 units in March 2014. We rack mounted & configured them
to run via InControl which they have done without problem. In our niche environment we don’t utilise them anywhere near their potential & as a result
they spend most of their life idle. This is a shame & as a techo; & after fretting for months & months I prefer now to offer them up for sale to the Peplink community.
We don’t have a Peplink rep here in New Zealand & imported the units new from Australia. It may be advantageous to anyone from NZ or one of our
isolated neighbours to make a (sizeable) new import tax saving by purchasing these units second hand from us. We are happy to facilitate an agreement with any
purchaser & cover the cost of freight to destination. If you know of anyone who may be interested this may be a valuable opportunity for them & us.
Any questions please ask. regards to all. :up:


What is the price of both units and do you wanna ship to the netherlands.



Yes happy to ship to Holland Elvin. I purchased the units new in March 2014 so you would be purchasing second hand from me & may therefore be exempt from paying Dutch import tax (check that). If you are happy to pay $4500 NZ I will ship to you well boxed. regards NW