FMCA AT&T SIM card will not connect. Max BR1 Pro LTEA

I have a new MAX BR1 Pro LTEA and I am trying to get it up and running. I have a SIM card from FMCA, which is an AT&T SIM card that they say is set up correctly on their end. I have tried thr SIM card in my Moxee spot and it works just fine. I have the APN set to broadband. The firmware version is 8.1.2s122. FMCA says I should contact Pepwave. it just sits there trying to connect to LTE and the 3G, over and over again. I says it is on band 2. Any suggestions?

Hey there,

I just went through getting an FMCA AT&T plan set up with my max transit. Did you give them your IMEI? I had to give them my IMEI and they updated the sim to work with my router instead of the hotspot.

Best of luck!