"floating" GPS points on map

hi all

I have an active BR1 active since 10 days… it is in a fixed position, never moved it since the last reboot

on the map I see something like it:

is it normal? is there a way to avoid it?


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This is a pretty normal for gps, as it is only acurate to about 4 meters in good conditions and that can get even worse in poor conditions with lots of buildings and/or trees. I see this lots on my mobile phone when in a building and the GPS shows me as being across the street or at another address, I use gps for tracking cycling and regularly it reports some movement when i am stopped. When moving gps devices compensate by assuming you are on the nearest road or path and then ignoring the odd variation that happens.

The reason it looks messy is because incontrol plots all the reported points on the map as it collects them regardless of the location reported. You may be able to reduce the variation by giving the gps antenna the clearest view of the sky as possible but this will always happen to some extent.