FlightAware feature

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I was wondering if someone could shed some more light on the “FlightAware” feature that is found on the InControl Organization settings page.

The help point to a Flight Aware Ident that should be on the devices detail page, I am unable to find this, and there seems to be no further info in any search (either in the forum or generically on the net) that documents this feature?

So what does it actually do, and how is it of a benefit to us?

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As for the key and the FA API: AeroAPI® Flight Tracking and Flight Status API - FlightAware

I’m going to guess and say that some peplink devices are installed in aircraft, and businesses that wanted a single pane of glass need to use the FA ADSB/transponder location when the network was not connected and/or that the GPS signal to the HDmax or other embedded device aren’t stable inside of an aircraft.

So, this is probably a way for in-control to poll the FA database for the current airplane location.

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Exactly this. There are lots of cellular MAX installs in planes but working gps antenna locations on aircraft are a hard thing to come by. The flightaware api takes the place of the GPS antenna / receiver so that IC2 still shows the correct location info.

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Thanks @MartinLangmaid and @Paul_Mossip