Fleet management - virtual barrier


The Incontrol can make virtual barriers (fence) for devices on plataform?

I need create barriers (fence) with indicators such as: vehicle outside the barrier, inside the barrier (fence) and others.

The incontrol is capable to this?

Hugs !!!

We are working on it. We target to release the geofencing feature in Q4. Initially, you will be able to define a ring as a fence. You can also upload a track in GPX file format. When a device is off the track more than a certain distance, you will get notified.

Stay tuned!

Thnaks for your response Michael !! :smiley:

I wait this feature.

Hugs from Brazil :slight_smile:

Cant wait for this!
Would it be possible to have schedule enabled for this feature?
e.g. geofence around company car park enabled from 2000 - 0700 so if any router is out of that zone (or leaves it), email is sent to defined email address.
Also could be used to track hours of when the cars leave and come back to the office.


Thanks for your suggestion. We will study if scheduled geofencing could be added in the first phase. If not, we will implement it in the next phase.

Thanks Michael :slight_smile: