Flashing Green Cellular Status Light

Hello -

We have a Pepwave MAX Transit Pro and a T-Mobile SIM. Unfortunately, nothing appears on the dashboard and the cellular status light flashes green slowly. Firmware: 8.2.0 build 4961. We went to T-Mobile and they swapped out the sim for a new one, but the issue remains. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Blinking means it’s trying to connect.
Confirm the antennas are tightly attatched and in a V formation.
Confirm that you have t-mobile signal.
Confirm if you need a special APN.
Confirm the plan is allowed for the imei device.
Try LTE only mode

Thanks Jonathan!

Yes - antennas are securely attached, we have T-Mobile signal on our phones, and I plugged in our IMEI numbers to the T-Mobile website, and it says they are allowed/compatible. I don’t know how to check or change the APN - is there a guide somewhere? I’m going to search for it as well. Thanks!