Fixed IP Proxy for 3 balanced ISPs

I have been using a Balance 20 for some weeks now with a 4G USB device.
I am very happy with the way it works.
Unfortunately I cant use speed fusion of VPN due to the Vsats on Wan1 and 2 latency.

When this setup is at the server end I need to have a fixed IP address that the connecting clients can always see.
I realize DynDNS will allow me to have a hostname for a dynamic IP address but that will not work for 3 live ISPs to work in balance.
Is there a Proxy IP service with a socket we could connect to that could act as a transport link to the server and then the clients would all find this hosted fixed public IP?

Thank for reading

How about using SpeedFusion Cloud or a FusionHub server in a Cloud installation?


Spinning up a Fusionhub Solo (free license) on a cheap cloud server ( and are favorites - $5/month) will provide you with a static and routable IP address. Then set up a PepVPN/SpeedFusion link from your Balance 20 to the Fusionhub and you’re in business. (There are a number of posts on this and related topics, see for instance Remote access to server behind Peplink Transit router - #2 by MartinLangmaid)



I have tried but the vsat latency creates a 75% bandwidth overhead.

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March 13 |

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How about using SpeedFusion could or a FusionHub server in a Cloud installation?


You can consider the use of asynchronous SpeedFusion Cloud VPN (where in your case, VPN traffic is downloaded over 4G cellular and uploaded over VSAT) and adjusting the cutoff latency to reduce the apparent latency of the VSAT links.

You can also enable the Forward error correction (FEC) on the tunnel, which will have improvement in your network. For more details, please watch this video