[FIXED] 6.3 RC2 Known Issue: SpeedFusion Performance Reduced in Older Generation Balance Models


When upgraded to Firmware 6.3 RC2, the following devices will have less SpeedFusion throughput than advertised on our specifications page:

Balance 305 HW1
Balance 380 HW1-5
Balance 580 HW1
Balance 710 HW1-2
Balance 1350 HW1

Because of this, 6.3 GA is not available yet for these devices. We are working to resolve this issue, and will get out a new release that is compatible with these devices by Q2 2016.

To determine the hardware revision of your device, navigate to Status > Device. Click there for the full walkthrough.

If your device is affected, and you still wish to try Firmware 6.3 RC2, here is the link to Firmware 6.3 RC2.


Hello. I have 1 location running HW 1 on a 580, and another with HW5 on a 380.

We were just researching how to sniff URLs and I find this revision very useful.

However we do use Speedfusion, but less than 25mbps of our traffic goes out of the SpeedFusion links. Can you tell me how much throughput less than the advertised specs we would have, do you think it would affect our usage of less than 25mbps?


That amount of traffic is no problem for your setup, you are good to go.


HI - thanks for the information.
Can you please post the SpeedFusion throughput figures that can be expected with 6.3RC2 on each of the HW listed in your initial post of this thread?



A list would be handy, +1



Will the following devices running 6.2 RC2 be capable of at least 50% of their Speedfusion throughput as rated for 6.2 ?

Balance 305 HW1
Balance 380 HW1-5
Balance 580 HW1
Balance 710 HW1-2
Balance 1350 HW1



Hi Dana,

You are good to go if the minimum requirement is at least 50% of Speedfusion throughput.


Any news on the 6.3 working in old hardware? All units still under warranty maintenance:

14 units of Peplink Balance 310 (HW2,3),
4 x units of Peplink Balance 310 (HW4),
3 x units of Peplink Balance 380 (HW1-5),
1 x unit of Peplink Balance 710 (HW1,2),
2 x units of Pepwave MAX 700 (HW1,2)



Please find the detailed here for the affected devices. As mentioned, 6.3 firmware for these devices to be available in Q2 2016.

For the rest of your devices, please download v6.3.0 here.


I try to upgrade my balance 380 HW 5 and receive a msg:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

Problem preparing for firmware upgrade. Please try again later.




This is not an expected result. Please help to open ticket for us to investigate.

Thank you.


Can someone put the link to dowload the 6.3 firmware of 380 HR 5 so i can download a new file?

Im using the: fw-b305_380_580_710_1350-6.3.0-build3446.bin


6.3.0 firmware for the 380 HR 5 will be available in Q2.


when attempting firmware upgrade RC2 produces bad firmware image error - thoughts ?


What the model of your device and HW revision?


Balance 710 HW3



B710 6.3.0 only affects HW1-2 in which case RC would be used. You may use GA version for your HW rev 3:


Thanks - I am running build 1601 - looking for that next release you folks are testing now


How can someone determine the HW of a Balance Router as I see nothing on the label indicating this?



Please refer to the knowledge base thread below to get the hardware version for the Balance router.

Thank You