Fix the status display

The cell status display needs improvements. This is the page that shows the signals and the latency history. It updates automatically.

  1. When you leave the page/tab in the background, then return after many minutes, the page updates but with dated information. Its like it will draw only one additional data point at each update, so if it was paused for many minutes, it will be that many minutes behind the current time. If I manually refresh the page, it draws the latest properly.

  2. There needs to be an immediate signal strength display. I want to get feedback right now as I rotate the antenna. As it works now, I have to wait not only for the next update to draw in a tiny point, I have to wait for many of those point for there to be enough for my eyes to see it. When I want to see this immediate feedback, I don’t really need to see the rest of the history, so you could make a new page that has a more frequent update.