Firware Upgrade for SurfSoho HW1

Hello. I have a Pepwave SurfSoho Hardware version 1. My product code is SUS-SOHO.

Per the Admin page, my firmware version is 6.0.3 build 1257.

The firmware download page says the latest version is 6.3.3

Yet, when I click the button to check for a firmware upgrade it comes back with nothing.

I manually downloaded the bin file for this upgrade but I am hesitant to manually apply.

Is this important?
Should I do this?

Hi @mjloader,

I would always advise to update to the newest firmwares.

It’s true that the ‘Check for firmware upgrade’ doesn’t always find a new firmware, even when there is a new firmware available on the Peplink website.
I’ve seen some Pepwave MAX units running on 6.3.2. firmware that would not find the new 7.0.0 firmware by clicking on the ‘Check for firmware upgrade’ button, they had to be manually upgraded.
I’m sure Peplink has their reasons for this.

Just make sure you download the firmware file for the product you own from the official Peplink site, then there should be no problems.