FirstNet MTU

I just signed up for FirstNet and my Max Transit Duo recognizes FirstNet as my carrier. I noticed compared to ATT it seems I am being throttled to 3mbps. On ATT proper I get at least double.

I found this URL regarding MTU settings, but setting it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Does the unit need to be rebooted? Any other FirstNet related suggestions?

First, are you comparing apples to apples?

Same exact device, same cell tower, same band, same time, speed testing same resource, same configuration, same signal levels, etc?

I dont think AT&T does any throttling on first net but I could be wrong.

Tell us your exact setup, situation, and how you are testing.

Yes ATT FirstNet is using the 1342 MTU…in some cases not matching it cause havoc.

Do you know what your signal strength looks like?