Firmware version 8.1.3 needing regular reboots on Max BR1 Mini while running OpenVPN

Something is affecting performance of the unit when it runs for about 24 to 36h and is actually being used.
I’ve been using the device heavily over the past week+ (mostly over OpenVPN, pretty simple setup otherwise), and it seems to need a reboot daily. I push about 5-7GB of traffic daily, mostly “office” type of traffic plus teams/voice. The voice starts getting “jittery” after the unit’s been up for a while, and at first I suspected the local ISP/4G LTEA congestion, but it seems to clear up as soon as I reboot.
Yesterday I forgot to bounce, and lost Wi-Fi altogether until I did a reboot (wasn’t using voice at that time)
Perhaps something is leaking memory and deteriorating unit’s performance.
I’ve never used this unit as heavily as I have over the past week.

After using the device with OpenVPN over a month, I don’t think it works at level of reliability I’d expect from an enterprise/non-consumer level of device.
Other than problem stated above.
VOIP pretty much becomes unusable (MS Teams)
Additionally, device occasionally disconnects from VPN with auth errors and require reboot.
My other device with OpenVPN (phone) would connect just fine to same destination at the same time BR1 Mini couldn’t connect.
The destination is/was a “private” VPN server on AWS running stock OpenVPN image avail on AWS.

I may just need to look into other VPN options on the device in the hope they work better than OpenVPN… which is disappointing, I’d rather be doing something else than tinkering.

Do you have chance to contact Peplink local partner to check on the issue ? Or you can open a support ticket to allow support team to check on the problem ?

It’s best that support team can help to check on the setup and further isolate the issue.