Firmware v7 with Balance 580 HW Revision1

Dears All,

Can I upgrade my Balance 580 HW Revision 1 to firmware 7?

will I face any issue after upgrading, or might having issue in the device throughput.

many thanks

As the release notes state, HW Rev1 cannot be upgraded to firmware version 7.


You can get the firmware 7 release note here:

Will it support in future (7.0.1 or 7.1)?

Sorry, but no. This is similar to why you cannot upgrade an iPhone 4 to the latest iOS. All of the new features and functionalities require additional horsepower so upgraded hardware specs are needed.


Any chance that there will be micro firmware versions? For example, one version could have just WAN and LAN configs + firewall + VLan and perhaps leave out AP management and remote users. Another micro version could have speedfusion only (this could be useful for permanent drop in mode maybe?) and no DHCP, VLan, or DNS proxy.

The point I am getting at is that it would be neat to have the ability to custom tailor the firmware and let the customer choose what is right for them. This would allow older hardware revisions to at least support a subset of the new features. Initially, it would be a support nightmare, but at the end - you would have a knowledge base of what features play nicely together.

I can see a pick list where you choose features based on your hardware up until you hit some kind of ceiling, press a button and download your firmware. Similar to how you build a Linux kernel based on size limitations. I knew a guy way back when that had a bootable floppy disk that was his network firewall. He could boot any x86 based machine with Broadcom nic adapters up with it and start routing. Read only switch enabled, it was pretty damn secure and extremely lightweight.

I add my vote for that.

I see that my Balance 380 HW5 is not able to upgrade to firmware 7.0 which means that this 3 year old device is on the way out. As far as I can see there is only HW6 as the next generation. So that is like an iphone 6 versus an iphone 7, no?

Suppose I had chosen the the extended waranty of 2 years for 1000 euro. That would have been a mistake, no?

Or is there an option to upgrade to HW6 for an acceptable price?

Thanks for some advice on that.


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