Firmware upgrade via URL (not a local uploaded file)

The 6.3.1. Balance firmware upgrade mechanism is “Manual Firmware Upgrade”. That works by selecting a “Firmware Image” file on the local computers file system and uploading that file.

Most of the time I am working remote. Where the local upload capacity is limited due to asymmetric bandwidth assignments for most DSL/ADSL/cable/3G/4G/LTE internet access products. The result is that the uploading process takes a long time and during that time the local upload bandwidth is saturated.

As Peplink support already hands out firmware upgrade files by its uri/url location address, f.e. <;, I do wish to be able to paste that url location into the Web Admin interface.

That saves my local bandwidth, shortens time to download, ,reduces traffic, and just is quicker (in remote) firmware upgrade situations.


The requested feature is available in InControl2 (IC2 firmware management). Whereby you can custom the firmware by putting in the firmware download URL.

For more information, please refer to the screenshot below:

IC2 firmware management will give you comprehensive firmware management tools to upgrade the device firmware.

Thank You

The request is to upload the firmware on the router itself. Not at any other location.

Your request is well noted. Sit Loong just provide an immediate solution to cater your situation.

Thank you.