Firmware Upgrade MAX BR1 Mini HW1

I am upgrading firmware on the MAX BR1 Mini HW1 modem but it seems to be taking forever…
I current firmware is 8.0.2 and I am attempting to upgrade to 8.2.1.
The screen in the web browser says “upgrading to firmware 8.2.1…” and it been like this for about 45 minutes.
Should I unplug the power and start over?

Not yet. Enter the URL of the GUI (e.g., something like and see if it responds.

OK. That worked. But it says the current firmware is 8.0.2, so it apparently did not upgrade the firmware.
Should I leave it with 8.0.2?

Firmware 8.2.1 is current for your router and I’d recommend you use that version.
If you have a good internet connection you can update via the GUI. Otherwise, download it from here. Upgrading the firmware of the BR1 Mini is not a real speedy process but we have seen no problems in doing so. And, two versions of FW are always present – the running version and one other (usually the previously installed.)