Firmware upgrade B310 to 7.1.0 (First time) require physically reconnect the WAN cable?


When I updated a Balance 310 to v7.1.0 build 3427

The Wan port needed to be physically disconnected and reconnected.

From the event log
|Feb 25 05:52:49|SpeedFusion: Balance-580-ED (Edmonton 580, sn:xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) connected to To Edmonton|
|Feb 25 05:51:51|Admin: admin ( login successful|
|Feb 25 05:51:45|SpeedFusion: COLO-580 (Colo 580, sn:xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) connected to Colo|
|Feb 25 05:51:28|WAN: UBNT connected (|
|Feb 25 05:51:24|WAN: UBNT disconnected (No cable detected)|
|Feb 25 03:53:52|WAN: UBNT connected (|
|Feb 25 03:53:45|System: Started up (7.1.0 build 3427)|
|Feb 25 03:31:22|Admin: admin ( login successful|

The health check is disabled on this wan link would that cause that wan port to be unresponsive after a firmware update??

A second reboot from the web … every thing seems fine.

Firmware 7.1 is now in GA!

@Robert_Bidewell I had move your question here.

Link state negotiations always involved 2 point to point devices whereby the issue can be cause by peer device doesn’t aware the changes upon the B310 upgrade. Physically disconnected and reconnected triggered the negotiation again and reset the status. We would not categories this as issue unless after upgrade the WAN port negotiation is not working at all.

Can you please further confirm by reboot B310 & UBNT modem multiple times ? If everything work fine (after firmware upgrade), then you are good to go. If you still found the issue, please open a support ticket here for support team team to check


I rebooted it and could access the web admin. It was just that I it would allow a login after the upgrade.