Firmware Updates and SpeedFusion Throughput

I got an older model of Balance 210 HW1, couldn’t resist an offer, before I finished all the research about it. Questions I have for this and other new/older models that I might be buying in the future since I can’t find any documentation for it. I guess it’s an ancient model. However the questions might still be relevant even for newer models.

  1. Is SpeedFusion throughput hardware limited or can it be increased through firmware upgrades?

  2. For Balance 210 HW1: what’s the best I can expect for encrypted and unencrypted throughput for SpeedFusion?

  3. Can I still manage an older model like B210 that is out of warranty, through the gateway at 192.168.xxxxx

Thank you.

Welcome to the forum!

That is an old model indeed.

It is a hardware limit.

It has a total router throughput of 50MBps with 30Mbps of encrypted VPN throughput.

You can still manage the device locally yes. The HW1 version of the B210 supports up to Firmware 5.4.9 User guide is here which was released on 30th May 2013. That is a very very old firmware and you will have none of the fun modern stuff, nor will any of the security fixes be included since then so be careful if you plan to use it in production.

Have fun!

Thank you Martin. This tech is so cool :slight_smile: I don’t know how I missed it all those years. What would you recommend, what is the most economical hardware with SpeedFusion, that would give me the best upload speeds? 100Mbps uploads would be ideal at the moment.

I’ll be looking to set it up with Vultr as you’ve done it. I have not watched the video yet but will do soon.

I’m also interested in your cloud offers, they look cool to me, the only problem is that I will need a static IP for my setup so for now your cloud may have to wait or be employed for some other uses at some point.

This is great, I’m already daydreaming about what I could do now with all this tech and decent, affordable broadband, that was either out of my reach or inaccessible completely.

What are your internet connections? All wired or do you want to use LTE?
I like the Balance 20X but that is single WAN + LTE
The Balance Two is Dual WAN and supports 150Mbps of Speedfusion.

Ah not mine but Peplinks :wink: Speedfusion Cloud is clever but as you note, if you need a static IP, the free Fusionhub Solo license running on Vultr, or Upcloud or Dreamhost is the right way forward. You would be able to use Speedfusion Cloud at the same time for geographic based routing if you like also.

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Wired and LTE. OK I’ll begin my hardware research from Balance Two up. Where do I find out costs for the related HW’s Speedfusion licenses? Thank you Martin.

Where in the world are you? There are loads of Partners. Take a look at the directory