Firmware update question for MAX-BR1-LTE-E-T

Hello, i have a friend to whom I recommended Pepwave. They purchased a BR1. Here are the details on the unit:

Model: MAX-BR1-LTE-E-T
Hardware Revision: 1
Current firmware: 6.1.1s55 build 1637

I’m having some difficulties with it, but before I report them I wanted to update to the latest firmware. I used the “Check for Firmware” of the web config utility of the device, and it reports there is no firmware upgrade available. Yet, when I look at your firmware web page under “Max BR1” (HW1), it looks like a firmware is available (6.3.5). Can you tell me whether or not this 6.3.5 firmware is compatible with this router ?

Thanks so much.

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Hello @Tridens,

Yes, firmware 6.3.5 is compatible with the BR1 Hardware Revision 1. However, as you mention, you will need to download the firmware manually and upload it to the BR1. Here is a link to > Download < the firmware 6.3.5



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Thanks for confirming this, Steve!

Hi I have a Pepwave Max BR1 LTE-V hardware version 1.

I have successfully upgraded to 6.3.5.

I tried to upgrade to 7.1.2, but I get an invalid image error.

Can I upgrade this unit further than 6.3.5?



No HW1 units can only be upgraded to the last V6 firmware (which is currently 6.3.5).

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Thanks for the fast response!

No worries and welcome to the forum!

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