Firmware Release Notification


Hi Peplink team!

Is there any push notification of new firmware being release for Peplink products? Other than reviewing forum posts, is there something that my team can subscribe to so that we can proactively validate new releases?


Product: Pepwave BR1


You can actually check the product firmware release note for the new feature releases.

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Thank you!

Do you anticipate a push notification/alert feature that we can subscribe to, or provide an email address for?


At the device level you can configure the email notification feature and you can also do this via InControl2.



The current email settings does not offer any alerts pertaining to new/available FW to be downloaded for the device.

Appreciate the help.


Currently this would need to be configured at the device level > Email Notification.

This should be something we should be able to add to IC2 as well.



This thread is a little confusing…

So is there a way to get notifications of software updates from Peplink?



We will send newsletter when there is new firmware release.

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How do I add emails to that newsletter distribution?

Thanks Peplink team!


You are on our distribution list. You should able to receive the news letter.


So how can we check if we are on this distribution list?

Where is this list setup?


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We’d like to add our support for a place end users could sign up to receive information such as firmware releases. Maybe something along the lines of an email sign up where the end user can pick and choose which things they’d like to be notified of each essentially having it’s own distribution list. Some category ideas:

  • GA Firmware release
  • High priority identified issues (such as the latest KRACK vulnerability)
  • New Hardware releases

IC2 would also be a good place to include these notifications. Maybe even under the existing News page. That way when users log in they are notified of important information regarding devices under their administration.