Firmware protected from BIOS attacks ?

Hi Guys

First off Happy Holidays to Everyone !

I hope Peplink is listening :

Peplink SOHO and 20 load balancer router
BIOS and Memory attack
Saw some serious traffic in it yesterday am so I suspect something is going on !

This is merlin02131 as my pc’s have been hacked with a possible bios attack or a memory attack !
Set up this tempo account and will remove it after I get back to normal here at command central !!
All 8 pc’s are infected
Every anti virus company eithrer cannot find it nor doe they wish to get involved , malwarebytes, Norton , defender one , Eset etc. the list goes on !

I have 2 peplink routers

SOHO and a pep 20 load balance I bought to test the firewall with

Reviewing my next course of actions in re to trying to either clean the PC’s or replace them
6 HP or various ages form brand new to a few years old
1 Lenovo gaming pc
1 IBUYPower gaming pc

My problem is this :

I hope peplink is listening :
Are peplink routers susceptible to BIOS and Memory attacks ?
I know it came across the vpn from a customer’s site that I set up on the peplink routers ( SOHO )
Emails out to various forums from Manufacturers to help forums etc. but no one knows how to id this nor fix it from what I am hearing

TCPView shows over 75 addresses dialing home BTW . All using port 443 and port 80 from svchost or chrome . I am unable to post a screen shot .

One minute they are in wait mode the next established
Been on this for over 2 months as I finally have some time to sit and figure out whats going on