Firmware Packs

We have an AP One and AP One 300m being controlled by the WLAN controller on a Peplink Balance 305. After clicking ‘control panel’ under WLAN Information on the Peplink Balance dashboard, I tried going to the Firmware Packs tab but it says “No Firmware Available” even though the AP One shows firmware 3.2.3.

Is there a way to have it show the available firmware upgrade?

The latest firmware for the AP One series is 3.3.10 as of 11/20/2013.
One of the possibilities that are causing this is that the Balance 305 is not running the latest firmware, which should be 5.4.9.
Please use the following link to download the firmware for your Balance 305 just in case.

After the firmware upgrade to 5.4.9 for your Balance 305, you should be able to see 3.3.10 firmware for your AP Ones as the images show below.

“Check for Updates”


Please keep us posted on your progress. Thank you.

The firmware of the Peplink Balance is 5.4.9. On the Firmware Packs tab in the Access Point Control Panel, it just says “No firmware available.”

When you click ‘Check for Updates,’ it says “No update available.”

The most current firmware for the Balance Routers is 5.4.9 so this is a correct message - “No firmware update available” Unless you are on a previous version of 5.4.9 and then choose updates and it gives this message. The reasoning is because for that model the 5.4.9 firmware is not on the servers that the peplink is requesting the query from. Current firmware can be found at for all products.

I’m trying to update the firmware for the AP One, not the Balance Router. The AP One shows firmware as 3.2.3, but the Access Point control panel in the Balance Router dashboard doesn’t show available firmware packs to update the AP One.

It seems that this needs more technical troubleshooting via our ticket system.
Can you please submit a ticket and reference this forum thread (Firmware Packs)? Once it is submitted, you will receive a ticket number right away.
Then we will dig into the issue further. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

The 5.4.9 firmware for the Balance should allow users to access the 3.3.10 firmware for AP One series via GUI. So it is odd that the balance with 5.4.9 firmware doesn’t show 3.3.10 firmware for AP One series in the menu. We will definitely dig into the issue you are having.

I am trying to update the firmware pack of a Balance Two using AP, Toolbox. The Balance Two reports that the firmware is deprecated but offers no way to update it. It just says “no update available”. I’m looking to download packs so that I can upgrade many Access Points. Thanks.

@FrequentFlyer7, as mentioned the firmware pack is deprecated. You may upgrade the AP firmware at AP > Access Point > Select the AP you want to upgarde > Set Firmware.