Firmware changes from 6.3.1 to 6.3.2 issues with VLAN's

I have a balance 20 and found that when I use 6.3.1 the VLAN selection on trunk ports is “Any”, “Untagged VLAN”, (my guest VLAN)-> “Guest_Vlan”, and “Custom”.

When I use 6.3.2 the selection for trunk ports is now, “Any”, (my guest VLAN)-> “Guest_Vlan”, and “Custom”, Untagged is no longer a selection.

I mention this because it appears that “Untagged VLAN” is the native vlan, and when I’m trying to send the Untagged vlan and Guest_Vlan down a trunk port, the new firmware no longer allows this function.

I understand that a trunk port should be configured for VLAN’s only, not a mix of untagged and tagged networks, but removing this feature makes it more difficult to get AP’s with guest wifi working, (especially with two different subnets 192.168.x.x/24(untagged) and 172.16.x.x/24(tagged)).

Can someone confirm that this new design supports native vlan’s on trunk ports, and if not explain why and how to work around it?


It appears this issue was fixed in 6.3.3

I upgraded to 6.3.3 and have the same problem. I have a tagged and untagged network, and only the tagged one works when I enable the port type settings, regardless of how I configure the trunk. I don’t have an “Any” or “Untagged” option anywhere.

I just checked my balance 20 with 6.3.3 and found my previous post was wrong. I am still having the issue on the balance 20.

However, the balance 210 doesn’t seem to have this issue


Balance 20 Port base VLAN doesn’t allowing trunk “Any” or “Untagged”.

If you require Trunk “Any” please keep the default port settings (LAN1 to LAN4 default setting is Trunk “Any”)

Thank You

So the firmware upgrade is actually a downgrade? I have a handful of Balance 20s waiting to deploy that were sold on this function. I have upgraded one of them to 6.3.3 and there is no option to chose ANY or Untagged when you select Trunk. The others I have are fortunately on 6.3.1, these do have the option to chose either ANY or Untagged when in Trunk mode.

Will this feature come back in a later release?


The firmware upgrade actually fix the port base VLANs issue whereby limiting the users to perform Trunk “Any” or “Untagged” that expected to have problem. Hope this explained your concerns why you can’t find the option in latest firmware.

Thank You

I understand why you may not need an ANY option, that’s ok but are you saying that this new firmware now limits the ability to forward native untagged traffic across a Trunk port?

When you link a Trunk port to a switch or similar, you do want to control the VLANs allowed on the Trunk port of course but you normally always want untagged traffic to pass or at least have the option for it surely, or is this just me?

We still allow Untagged Vlan on Trunk port with default port settings as mentioned by Sit Loong here. Below is the screenshot of the setting.

If this is the requirements, you just need to maintain the default port settings and limit the allowed Vlans on switch to achieve this.

Hope this help.